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Welcome to MorningShine MountainDoods!

We have been located on the eastern slopes of the Green Mountains of Vermont and we are now venturing into the Adirondacks of New York where we will continue to be home to Doodles of Vermont and will be the new home of MorningShine MountainDoods. Tucked away in the mountains is a great place to raise and romp with our Doodles. We can be found romping in the High Peaks and the forests and doodling in the lakes.

Our first Goldendoodle, ZeitelGoldoodle, came to us several years ago and life just hasn't been the same ever since. Along with the many well known joys of having a doodle in your life our favorite reason is that we haven't stopped laughing since Zeitel arrived.  Goldendoodles have a delightful joy about life that never fails to brighten even a glum day. 

ur DoodleFamily is growing by leaps and bounds...quite literally!! And we continue to enjoy raising and improving these wonderful doods.  We find that the Golden Retriever and Poodle cross results in happy dogs that love to romp and play almost as much as they love to cuddle and curl at your feet. The fact that they are very low to non-shedding and are usually hypoallergenic is a real plus also.

After eight years with our Doodles we find that our focus has evolved into an interest in improving the GoldenDoodle breed. We are no longer content with 1st generation dogs and can now document to four and five generations of selective breeding with genetic testing (see below). We are frequently asked about "hybrid vigor" with some concern that we may be diluting the health factor. We believe that by testing and documenting strong health factors over more generations we are providing greater assurance that we are offering families healthy companions to share their lives. In addition to health factors, we select our breeding dogs for temperment, coat quality and the "teddydood" look that we love and have become known for.

In addition to quality health, temperment, and coat traits we are simply having FUN! Now that we have established reliable health and quality traits we've begun to develop variations in coat colors and patterns along with a broader range of sizes. Our good neighbors, Ben & Jerry, are well known to have said, "if it's not fun, why do it?" We agree heartily. Every litter is a surprise for us and each season feels like the proverbial Christmas in July as each "package" comes along!! We love being able to share lots of colors and markings and we're now able to offer a variety of sizes to meet families' wishes and needs. If you don't find what you're looking for now, wait a bit and see what happens next.

Our breeding dogs are genetically cleared for hips, elbows, eyes, heart, and vonWillenbrands disease. Every effort is made to assure that the pups who leave our home will live many healthy years. Our pups are born and raised in the pantry and receive constant attention from their very attentive moms plus all the other doods and Yenta, our resident feline, who keeps a close watch over them. Before they leave us they are well socialized with the rest of the dogfolks, Yenta, and the neighborhood children (who come in all sizes!). They have lots of experience romping in the meadows and forests that join our big back yard. Doodle Mom and Dad are home full time and very busy enjoying and tending to the resident Doodles.

Please take the time to romp around our site.  We hope you enjoy the photos and anecdotes.  We especially hope that you will enjoy meeting our Doods and their Doods and their families!

Visit our Facebook page for the most up to date puppy photos and news!

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